The Benchmark in Atmospheric Distillation Testing


State-of-the-Art Solution for Performing Atmospheric Distillation

Thousands of users worldwide trust OptiDist™ for its state-of-the-art solution for performing atmospheric distillation, offering the most precision and ease-of-use.

The versatile design enables multi-methods and non-standard capabilities, which can easily be adapted for different applications. The testing and results are in full compliance with all atmospheric distillation methods.

With OptiDist, you can optimize your distillation rate. The patented optimizer performs continuous monitoring and controls the initial heat by a proprietary algorithm without requiring any input from the operator. The optimizer function also improves the distillation rate by avoiding surges or reductions. This predictive control results in better distillations, even for difficult or unknown samples.

In compliance with ASTM D86, D1078, D850, EN ISO3405, ISO 918, IP123, IP195, DIN51751, JIS K2254, NFN 07-002

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Top Reasons to Choose OptiDist

Easy-to-Use, One Button Straightforward Operation

Superior Precision from First Run

Fully Automated Regulation

Advanced Built-In Safety Features

Competitor Analysis Comparison Chart

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Feature OptiDist Competitor
Optimizer Technology Built-in patented optimizer function contributes to a trouble-free operation requiring less operator expertise
Heating/Cooling Control System Unique Optimizer function can fully automate the initial heat settings and heating regulation; detectors for heater plate, vapor probe and centering device Automatic initial heater settings and heater regulation - Cooling fan to quickly reach safe handling temperature after test

Liquid-free Peltier technology used for heating and cooling
Group 1 and Group 2 Sample Performance Runs group 1 and group 2 samples with automated steps that saves the user’s precious time and shortens total time from setup to finish Full ASTM sample preparation procedures must be adhered to which increases time to get results
User Interface/Display Large graphic TFT-LCD color touch-screen with solvent-proof protection 10" TFT color touchscreen, solvent-proof
System Calibration Intelligent Vapor Probe memorizes calibration data and does not require manual adjustment in the flask neck Time Consuming and Cumbersome Calibration Process
Liquid in Glass Probe Liquid in glass probe has stable, transferable calibration information and more resistant to corrosive samples Metal Probe
Optical Level Followers Optical measuring system compatible with samples producing smoke in the receiver; range 0 to 103% charge volume; resolution: 0.03ml, accuracy: ± 0.1ml Camera that requires adjustment
Glassware OptiDist glassware fits every OptiDist model and is readily available Competitor’s glassware will only fit competitor’s instrument. None are compatible with the OptiDist.

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Renewable Fuel Testing Solution

The Optidist offers precision and ease in a state-of-the-art solution for performing atmospheric distillation for SAF, Renewable Diesel, Hydrogen as a Renewable Fuel, Biodiesel, and Ethanol.

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Available Process Solution

PAC also offers the MicroDist online analyzer which is designed to quickly and accurately determine the boiling range characteristics of various commercially available petroleum products, light and middle distillates, on process streams.

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