Simulated Distillation Solutions for True Boiling Point Determination up to C120


Automating Every Step in the Analysis

Boiling point data is a major specification in characterizing petroleum streams. PAC provides complete, turn-key gas chromatographic solutions for accurate determination of true boiling point data – from naphtha up to crude oil samples.

By completely automating every step in the analysis, AC SIMDIS applications provide fast and accurate boiling point results. PAC adds unique value to the industry by offering a 100% guaranteed solution, delivered fully factory calibrated, tested to certified reference materials, fine-tuned fully dedicated to methods specified by the user. PAC qualified service engineers commission the instrument and provide operator/user training.

In Full Compliance with Worldwide Standard Test Methods

PAC’s dedicated involvement in regulatory organizations guarantees that the system and the software calculations are in accordance with accepted methods (ASTM, IP, ISO, DIN & others) listed in gasoline, jet fuel, and diesel specifications.

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Top Reasons to Choose SIMDIS

Workflow oriented, user-friendly SIMDIS XLNCTM software

Fully-tested application delivered as a turnkey solution to your lab

Unique TPI inlet specifically designed for SimDis

Compliant with global standard test methods


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Application Notes


ASTM D7169

Improve Precision for SIMDIS using 'Light Solvent Optimized' Agilent Model 7693 Automated Liquid Sampler

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Septum Purge

New AC TPI with Septum Purge

ASTM D4629

Trace Nitrogen in Liquid Petroleum Hydrocarbons by Syringe/Inlet Oxidative Combustion and Chemiluminescence Detection according to ASTM D4629.

Combine Full ASTM D86 Alternative in a Single GC

AC Analytical Controls' Productivity Center Combines Full ASTM D86 Alternative in a Single GC

ASTM D5442

AC SIMDISxlnc: determine wax content compliant with ASTM D5442

Simulated Distillation by Using Other Carrier Gases

SIMDIS using alternative carrier gases and standardization compliancy.

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Renewable Fuel Testing Solution

SimDis offers a complete range of simulated distillation analysis solutions up to 120°C.