OptiMVD is a mini viscometer and density meter designed for today’s modern laboratory.


Fast and Reliable Viscosity Measurement

OptiMVD is a mini viscometer and density meter designed for today’s modern laboratory. Available in three different configurations, all models load the sample, perform viscosity and density measurement, and clean the system automatically. OptiMVD maximizes the power of automation to increase test productivity with significant repeatability and reproducibility improvement.

The dual viscometer/density meter model features two integrated, 24-position autosampler carousels, giving users the ability to program up to 48 tests. The analyzer’s flexibility features allow users to test samples from the same vial at two different temperatures, as well as test samples from either carousel in any chosen order. All models can measure samples with a viscosity range from 1 mm²/sec to 2,000 mm²/sec at 40°C.

Safe and cost-effective to own and operate, the constant pressure viscometer has a precision that meets or exceeds ASTM D445 or its equivalents.

Big Performance in a Small Package

OptiMVD measures viscosity according to ASTM D7945. This method is based upon the Hagen-Poiseuille principle of capillary flow. To determine viscosity with OptiMVD, a sample is drawn from a capped sample vial and then introduced into the measuring cell at a controlled, specified temperature. The measuring cell contains a horizontal capillary tube with optical sensors. A thermal block surrounds the measuring cell.

Density is determined by ASTM D7777 method. The OptiMVD measures density at multiple temperatures yielding precision that is much better than other D7777 density meters.

Complies to: ASTM D7945, ASTM D7777 Correlates to: ASTM D445, ASTM D4052, ISO 3104, IP 71, GOST 33, GB/T 265

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Why the OptiMVD


“Smart Sample Ordering” is a unique feature that automatically optimizes performance and can decrease total test time from 20% to 50% or more.


User-friendly interface with a 13.3” touchscreen makes it easy to operate and manage data. Plus, save time with the automatically controlled heating, cleaning, and drying.


Measures density at multiple temperatures yielding precision that meets or exceeds ASTM D445 or its equivalents. Viscosity is measured according to ASTM D7945.

Small Footprint

Save valuable bench space with an instrument that is only a foot wide and less than 20 inches tall.

OptiMVD White Paper Cover

OptiMVD White Paper

Learn how the Smart Sample Order capability can determine the run order of samples in the fastest, most expedient way that results in the shortest total run time achievable from the OptiMVD White Paper.

Ep. 1: OptiMVD: New Combination Viscometer and Density Meter Hits the Market

Listen to Larry Spino, the product manager for OptiMVD, discuss the features and benefits of the instrument on PACs podcast: Lab Instruments: Exploring Technology & Analytical Instruments.

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Learn more about the OptiMVD’s three different model configurations, its ability to program up to 48 samples at a time, and why it was voted the Best New Product at the Gulf Coast Conference 2021.

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