AC Reformulyzer® M4

Fast group type analysis of gasoline and gasoline blend streams using multi-dimensional gas chromatography


In today’s dynamic market, accurate and fast analysis of product composition can be a source of key competitive advantage for refiners and petrochemical plants. Hydrocarbon group type composition of naphtha’s and gasolines is a key parameter for product quality and process control. Labs around the world use many different methods, often referred to as PIONA analysis, to determine the group type composition. This is an extremely challenging task, due to the enormous variety and complexity of sample types.

AC Reformulyzer is the only technology available that will provide accurate and reliable group type composition.

By using a proprietary, multi-dimensional separation approach which is unrivalled in the industry, coupled with simple and robust detection technology, highly accurate results are obtained regardless of sample matrix. Easy-to-use, dedicated Reformulyzer software helps analysts and operators start analysis with just a few clicks and generate reliable data 24/7.


Increase Revenue with increased daily sample capacity

The Reformulyzer M4’s short analysis time allows to run up to 100% more samples per day* and it enables labs to comply to the significant in-tank and in-ship blending time constraints related to key-point analysis.

Reduce Operational Cost with Robust Design and Advanced Technology

The Reformulyzer M4’s advanced technology significantly reduces maintenance and system down-time. In combination with the improved sample capacity the total operational cost per sample is reduced by 50%.*

*View ROI Case Study Results in Reformulyzer Brochure


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Top Reasons to Choose
AC Reformulyzer® M4

Excellent Performance for High Return on Investment

Easy-to-use, Dedicated Reformulyzer Software Enables 24/7 Operation

Separation by Component Groups Enable Highly Accurate Results Regardless of Sample Matrix

Recognized Industry-standard Technology Enables Compliancy to Many Fuel Specifications

Application Notes


Why Reformulyzer is the Preferred Analysis Technique for Gasoline Grouptype Analysis?

The AC Reformulyzer M4® has proven itself to be the only true grouptype analyser for full gasoline composition analysis. It uses simple and proven separation principles and a Flame Ionisation Detector, which is a reliable and direct detection technique without sample or component specific bias.

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C7-C8 Ethers

Analysis of Tertiary-amyl-ethyl Ether (TAEE) and C8 Ethers in Finished Gasolines using Reformulyzer® M4.

Reformulyzer M4 d6839 2.1

AC Analytical Controls' Reformulyzer M4 expands its capabilities on gasoline analysis in revised ASTM D6839-21 and ISO 22854.

M4 Gasoline e85

Analysis of E85 Ethanol Fuel Blends using Reformulyzer® M4.

M4 Gasoline Mode

Analysis of Gasoline Blends and Finished Gasoline using Reformulyzer® M4 according to ASTM D6839 & EN ISO 22854.

M4 Olefin Trap Improvement

Improving robustness and lowering maintenance on Reformulyzer M4 with next generation Olefin Traps.

M4 Opiona

Analysis of Gasoline Blends and Finished Gasolines using Reformulyzer® M4 according to ASTM D6839 & EN ISO 22854 - OPIONA Mode

M4 Opna

Analysis of Gasoline Blends and Finished Gasoline using Reformulyzer® M4 – OPNA Mode.

M4 Piano

Analysis of Iso- and n-Paraffins, Naphthenes, Olefins and Aromatics (PIANO) using Reformulyzer® M4.

M4 Piona

Analysis of Iso- and n-Paraffins, Naphthenes, Iso- and n-Olefins and Aromatics (PIONA) using Reformulyzer®M4.

M4 Pipna Mode 2013.2

Analysis of Iso- and n-Paraffins, Naphthenes and Aromatics (PIPNA) in Naphtha , Reformate and Reformer feeds using Reformulyzer® M4.

M4 Pna

Analysis of Paraffins, Naphthenes and Aromatics (PNA) in Hydrocarbon Streams using Reformulyzer® M4.

M4 Pona

Analysis of Paraffins, Olefins, Naphthenes and Aromatics (PONA) in Naphta using Reformulyzer® M4.

ASTM D4629

Trace Nitrogen in Liquid Petroleum Hydrocarbons by Syringe/Inlet Oxidative Combustion and Chemiluminescence Detection according to ASTM D4629.


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Reformulyzer delivers fast, group-type analysis of gasoline and gasoline blend streams using multi-dimensional gas chromatography.